Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Installing FreeBSD 7.0 - Webmin

Install webmin
  • Execute cd /usr/ports/sysutils/webmin
  • Execute make install clean
  • Execute cd /usr/local/lib/webmin
  • Execute ./setup.sh

You will have to answer some questions.
  • Where should logging be placed
  • What port number should webmin bind to
  • What username and password
  • Should SSL be used
  • Maby some other stuff

Default answers to any of these is good enough. I prefer using SSL.
  • Execute: ee /etc/rc.conf
  • Now add a line at the bottom that say: webmin_enable="YES"
Press ESC and chose alternative A to quit and another A to perform saving before quitting.

Reboot your machine
  • Execute reboot
Now when you startup you have sshd and webmin enabled which in my case means that I can continue my configuration from the comfort of my MacBook.

Updating webmin
  • With web browser point to https://machine-IP:webminportnr
  • Enter credentials
  • Unfold Webmin in the left menu
  • Click "upgrade webmin" (the upwards pointy icon)
  • Make sure that the "Latest version from www.webmin.com" option is selected and click "Upgrade webmin"
  • Take a break
  • If there are any modules that needs upgrading, you will be informed about that. Personally I always chose to upgrade those too.
Adding a user from webmin
  • Unfold System in the left menu
  • Click "Users and groups"
  • Somewhere around the top there should be a link called "Create a new user." Click it.
  • Enter whatever username you like
  • Enter whatever Real Name you like
  • (if you like) Choose /usr/local/bin/bash in the Shell option
  • Select "Normal password" and enter a password in the textbox
  • In the "Group Membership" area click option "Existing group" and enter "wheel" in the textbox.
  • Let everything else be as set by default
  • Press the "Create" button down at the bottom.
Now you can start a remote SSH session to your FreeBSD machine from
any other machine on your network.

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Paul said...

Thanks alot for this information about installing webmin in freeBSD.

Now i have it up and running though an using FreeBSD 6.2 but runnig well.


Paul Mwiu